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Hikmicro Alpex A50T

Hikmicro Alpex A50T

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Born for Low-light Hunting
The unique 1/1.8-inch sensor and 3D DNR image algorithm provide clarity images even in low light conditions of 0.001 Lux, helping you to find clear and detailed targets even in the dark starry sky.
See What You Seae
High SNR and purple fringing correction algorithm can reduce the interference of abnormal noise on the edge of the image, which helps image and detail restoration. In the daytime, even from morning to twilight, when the human eye cannot recognize details of targets, ALPEX improves your ability to identify targets.
Easy and Customized Hunting in Our Settings
Precise and simple zeroing, multiple reticle profiles.
1.Precise and Simple Zeroing
Zeroing with “Freeze” & “Zoom”, improve the shooting accuracy.
2.Multiple Reticle Profiles
5 Reticle Groups, 8 Colors, 10 Reticle Types
Strong Battery Life
Up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge.
Tradition Retention
Classical-style design fit with 30 mm standard mount rings, meets the needs of professional hunters who value tradition.
Sharing Your Exciting Moments
HIKMICRO Sight is a comprehensive APP designed for outdoor devices. It’s an all-in-one solution that supports preview, remote control, browse & download, sharing incredible moments and firmware updates.

*Note:The pictures taken by device are for reference only, the actual effect shall prevail.

*Legislation governing firearms and hunting sets out special conditions for the purchase, ownership, and use of thermal imaging devices.

Please always check national provisions and regulations before purchase or use.

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