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Renwick Traders

Renwick Traders was created during the lockdown of 2020. It is situated in a small coastal village, called Kidds Bay, about 30km South of East London. It is owned and run by Barton Renwick. After 22 years of farming in the area, he decided to trade in his tractors and greenhouses to explore new ventures in the property market. During the lockdown, the idea of starting an e-commerce business was born, so he started importing and supplying products in the Hunting/Outdoor niche. Bart is a keen hunter who enjoys camping in remote areas. Bart has gone on a personal quest to help clients with good quality and reliable products. It is very important for us to build a strong and long-term relationship with our suppliers, by doing so we can give our customers the same service in return. 

We extensively test all our products before we make them available to the public. We also try to improve and upgrade our products continuously